Clinical Tools & Connectivity

Improve efficiency, functionality, and the flow of clinical information with the Intesys® Clinical Suite. Our clinical system carries vital information to clinicians across services and sites.

ICS can also deliver clinical information to your desktop PC and mobile devices. Working seamlessly with your EMR systems, ICS supplies both numeric and waveform data.

Clinical data for in-depth analysis

  • View of vital signs and waveforms on patient monitors
  • Full disclosure review with Holter analysis
  • Custom trends which can be selected to show the most relevant sets of the trend for specialist care
  • Print from laser printers across your network

Complete alarm history

With the simple touch of a button, you can retrospectively review alarm events in both thumbnail and strip format. You can even go back in time to see what preceded the alarming event and how the patient recovered.

ICS does not require a proprietary server infrastructure and may be virtualized.

Seamless connectivity

  • Collection of data from monitors across the hospital network including wireless capture
  • Integration with all the major charting systems including Cerner, Epic, McKesson, and IMD-Soft via HL7
  • Integration to sources of patient identity via HL7 ADT
  • Integration to trace management systems using XML and Datamed
  • Export of alarms to handheld devices, pagers, middleware, and smartphones via partner company interfaces such as from Emerging, Connexall, and UMS
  • 12-lead ECG export into cardiology data management systems such as GE’s MUSE and Spacelabs’ own Sentinel.