Modular Patient Monitor 12.1 inch Display

Art meets technology

The small, compact, light-weight, modular design is suitable for Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal patients. Highly visible 12.1″ Touch display. Integrated LED alarm lights (front and rear).

Insight for better-informed decisions

Interactive view, control and recording of parameters, trends and calculations, can be engaged instantaneously, linking clinicians with patient physiologic data.

Custom Trends

Provides goal directed care, by customizing both graphical and tabular trends for ST, sepsis, patient type and more, it is viewable from any workstation with network access.

Enlightened Design

Qube facilitates at-a-glance monitoring, with an ultra-bright display featuring, large numerics. Multicolor, severity-based lights illuminate on both the front and back of the monitor, for enhanced alarm surveillance.


The Qube is also designed for compatibility, with the Spacelabs’ Command Modules, 3, 5, or Diagnostic 12Iead ECG, Resp, Sp02, NIBP, Dual Temp, 4 Invasive (expandable to 8) and cardiac output.

Capno Pod (EtCo2)

Designed especially for the Qube monitor, it attaches seamlessly on to the rear of the monitor and is ready in a snap. Long battery life and dual battery capability keep Qube on the go wherever your patient goes.

Varitrend® 4 OCRG

In the NICU, surveillance of vulnerable infants in neonatal units, is enhanced with Spacelabs’ Varitrend® 4 oxycardiorespirogram. Define, trend, and document events, containing data from up to four parameters, which may include heart rate, Sp02 (pre-and post-ductal sites), respiration rate, EtCO2, TcpCO2, or TcpO2.

Data Shuttle

Transfer, patient demographics, physiological data and applicable measurement settings, between Spacelabs’ monitors, without having to re-cable patients.
Data continuity, when shifting patient from one department to another.

Physiologic and Drug Calculations

Physiologic calculations include –
1. Hemodynamic Calculations.
2. Oxygenation Calculations.
3. Renal Calculations.

Module Type ECG SPO2 RESP NIBP 2TEMP 2IBP 4IBP Cardiac Output
Command A
Command B
Command C

A quick look at Qube

  • 3, 5, or Diagnostic 12 lead ECG, Resp, SpO2, NIBP, Temp
  • 4 invasive pressures and Cardiac Output
  • Up to 6 waveforms, 18 parameters
  • Optional 19˝ (48.3 cm) interactive touchscreen display
  • Standard 8 hour battery using 2 hot swappable batteries
  • 24 hour Patient Data Shuttle
  • One button, quick release Docking Station
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Internal strip recorder
  • Optional Exergen USP Spot Check Thermometer
  • Optional Capnography
  • LifeSync compatible

Features may vary depending on purchased configuration.

Download QUBE BROCHURE (pdf)