Cardiology Data Management and Remote Monitoring


It collects data from a broad range of cardiovascular monitoring devices and provides easy access to reports and analyses to aid in diagnosis and care, whether deployed in a small clinic or across a multi-site enterprise environment.

View recordings and reports from all modalities (ABPM, ECG Machine, TMT, Holter, etc.). Manage all activities on one screen, with minimal navigation.

Supports web-based and mobile platforms allow batch-review of reports, online and on mobile devices, including physician report entry and confirmation.


Sentinel 11 provides a high level of security to protect against unauthorized access to clinical data, staff record data, and a patient’s protected health information (PHI). Data is easily encrypted and protected during transport, on the workstation, in web and data servers, and even in backup files.

Seamless integration with your systems


Sentinel can be directly integrated with an organization’s electronic, medical record (EMR), accessed on the go, via mobile devices.

Integrates with Active Directory, EHR, and Logging / Audit Systems, to centralize user authentication and login, as well as, enhance your auditing capabilities.

The bi-directional HL7 interface providing industry-standard communications and event handlers, that can be programmed to automate aspects of your daily workload.

  • Third-party ECG Cart integration.
  • Third-party Stress Test PDF Report integration and storage.
  • Data transfer between facilities, via RDT feature.