SH-INDIA provides After Sales Support to all the Spacelabs Healthcare products, besides it’sMarketing and Sales across India. SH-INDIA supplies genuine Accessories and Consumables of Spacelabs at affordable prices. Qualified and trained highly skilled Product Managers and Service Engineers will offer on the site support on Application and Maintenance during Warranty and Out of Warranty period. As per the guidelines of principal company, SH-INDIA offers Annual Maintenance Contracts to make the out of warranty service support affordable

There two categories of Service Contracts customers can opt for

  1. Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract – CAMC
  2. Labour only Annual Maintenance Contracts – LAMC

CAMC – offers complete service and maintenance as an extension of warranty in which all the service charges including A Class component FREE during the contract period.

LAMC- offers service charge free and components if replaced at actual cost as per the prevailing price list.

In both cases, there will be minimum FOUR preventive maintenance calls in a year to a given customer site besides any number of Break-down calls as per customer requests. Certainly, there would be preference in attending customer calls to those who has opted for CMC/AMC.

An agreement would be signed between SH-INDIA and Customer assuring service support to validate the commitments as per the contract from both sides. Applicable Service Contract charges will be communicated by the National Service Head in writing for customer approval and to complete the agreement formalities.

  1. Payment Terms

For all Service Contracts, invoice for payment will be raised against the customer with the special mention of Model and Serial Number of products included in service contracts

Total Invoice amount  in advance has to be paid for the service contract to be effective.

  1. In general, Service Contracts are offered for products upto seven years from date of manufacturing date. Any deviation or extension of Service Contracts beyond this is completely under the discretion of SH-INDIA and on case to case basis. Service Supports can be provided to those models for which Spare parts supports is offered by Spacelabs Healthcare, USA.