Central Monitoring System

Compatible to Spacelabs’ Modular platforms like Xprezzon’, Qube®, Qube® Mini, SL Series, AriaTele® telemetry.

  • Xhibit (96102) provides remote centralized monitoring and alarm management for up to 48 patients.
  • Use just one or up to 4 high-definition displays, for detailed views of any patient, on the network.
  • Easily adjust, which patients are viewed on each display and the acuity of their monitoring, with highly customizable views.
  • Intuitive menus ensure workflow and minimal user interactions saves time and improves decision making
  • Full disclosure, clinical information systems, PACS, and more can be viewed with Xhibit utilizing CLINICAL ACCESS SMART DISCLOSURE
  • Customize the alarms for your unit or patient
  • Organize information based on the patient’s condition

Xhibit’s one-touch or one-click feature quickly shows the bedside view for a particular patient, on one full-screen.

Tools that work for you

Creates reminders on the screen, with Identify alarm severity through color, virtual sticky notes.

Download Xhibit XC48 BROCHURE (pdf)

Identifying alarm severity through flash and tones.