Modular Patient Monitor 19 inch Display

Modular designed, high acuity, monitor, suitable for Adult, Pediatric, and Neonatal Highly visible 19″ Touchscreen display and integrated LED alarm lights (front and rear).


Xprezzon is also sensitive to a patient’s need for a good night’s rest, intuitively dimming the display in low ambient light.


Custom Trends

High-resolution screen displays crisp and visually-rich Custom Trends, 96-hours which enable faster and better-informed patient assessment. With a single touch, clinicians can access different trend views based on observation needs, type of procedure, or clinical protocols. Trends can be displayed continuously for real-time updates of critical patient information. They can also be sized and arranged as preferred, providing clinicians with their own uniquely customized views.

Mobile Access

Your patient information, in the palm of your hand. Whether inside the hospital or on the go, clinicians can stay connected with their patients. Spacelabs’ innovative ICS provides the ultimate freedom and confidence – access to retrospective patient information, on a clinician’s mobile device.

Remote Access

The Remote Access feature enables you to view data or receive alarm notifications, from any bedside monitor, at any other bedside.

Alarm Surveillance

Tiered Alarms – low, high, extreme low, extreme high with distinct tones. It is estimated that 85 – 99% of Alarms Signals do not require Clinical intervention, as a result clinicians become immune to the Alarm’s Sounds and this is called “Alarm Fatigue”. Introduced “Alarm History Bar” on the right bottom corner of the Monitor Home Screen with multicolor prioritization. When Alarm History Bar touched, it shows the details of 30 – 60 min of snapshots of each Alarm event, including Start/End Time as well as Priority Level.

Perioperative Mode

Perioperative mode enables automatic monitoring functionality to accommodate operating room procedures, including cardiac bypass surgery. Features of the Perioperative option include a START CASE/END CASE key, a START CARDIAC BYPASS/END CARDIAC BYPASS key, and a configurable secondary display (for XPREZZON only).

Module Type ECG SPO2 RESP NIBP 2TEMP 2IBP 4IBP Cardiac Output
Command A      
Command B    
Command C  

Individual modules for printer/recorder, Capnography, Multigas, BISx, Sv02, and Dual SpO2.

A quick look at Xprezzon

  • 3, 5, or diagnostic 12-lead ECG, Resp, SpO2, NIBP, Temp
  • 4 invasive (expandable to 8) and cardiac output
  • Up to 8 waveforms, 24 parameters
  • Highly visible 19” display and integrated LED alarm lights (front and rear)
  • Secondary 19˝ (48.3 cm) interactive touchscreen display
  • Full bed review of remote bedside monitors
  • Vital signs calculations
  • EMR connectivity with ICS
  • 24-hour Patient Data Shuttle
  • USB bar code scanner ready
  • Varitrend® 4 OCRG
  • Optional Exergen USB spot check thermometer
  • Optional printer/recorder, capnography, multigas, BISx, SvO2 and dual SpO2 modules
  • LifeSync compatible